Ace Paving


Ace Paving prides itself on its knowledge and utilization of specialty products. If you have any projects requiring high quality asphalt in Londonderry, NH, throughout the state, or in MA, asks the experts at Ace.
Road maintenance is fairly straightforward in drier climates. However, in New England, pavement requires extra attention. This region receives so much precipitation, in various forms, all year long. Pavement can easily become washed out. This is why we provide a sealing service with our product “Sealcoat.” We have a latex version and an oil-based version, each serving the same purpose, but applied to different kinds of roads. If a road is being paved for the very first time, we highly recommend you treat it with our latex Sealcoat after about one year. This grace period allows the new road to settle. The latex treatment will prevent water from accumulating, expanding, and cracking the pavement. If you have ever had the misfortune of being surprised by a giant frost heave while driving in New England, you have experienced the result of a lack of initial latex sealcoating of the roadway. This specialty product also prevents those sudden summer draughts from leaching out the pavement’s oil, thereby further preventing dangerous cracks.

Many roads in historic New England were built long before this technology existed, and are in dire need of repair. For these, we recommend oil Sealcoating. This will smooth out the road while adding oil to replace that which has been lost over the decades. We all know how high the price of oil is today, so this product is slightly more expensive. However, if you spend enough summers in New England, you will come to know them as simply “construction season.” It is worth the investment now, to prevent further damages which will cost even more. Whether you require latex or oil Sealcoat, the products should be reapplied once every four years.